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Ceramic Series
These are the different 'Series' of ceramic pieces available for viewing on the website. Each Series is comprised of several Pieces.

Click on a thumbnail to view the individual Pieces within that Series.


Flow vessels


studio photos


From Far North

images of inspiration


Land Trace Vessel Series


Land Track Vessels

Beyond the Horizon


Interior Fragment plates


Walking Within

Harbour Rim Vessels


Fluxed State Series


Fragment Series

Panorama Tread


Mythic Voyager 2nd edition


Dig Deep

To and Fro


Mandala forms


Arial Remnants

Mythic Voyager Series


Jane McCulla Sandart


Go With the Flow

Orbital Terrain


Give and Take Vessels


Transient Landscapes

Glimpse Vessels


What Goes Around, Comes Around


Odeum Meander Vessels

Shifting Sands


Tilted Lough Vessels


Sole Print Urns

Henry Bay Vessels


Rhythmic Traces



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